Tuesday, June 22, 2010

School and Summer

My summer hasn't really been fun filled but fun it will be. That's because all public schools get out today!!! No more bordeness!! I wish i was getting out of school today then i would be going back to school later than sooner. I have to go back September 2nd!!! That's also my sisters birthday!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I learned about having to deal with people that frustrated me. For example my sister today totally embarrassed no more like infuriated me. It's like my mom says I'm just the messenger!! So technically I'm mother. But does Megan see that? nope all she sees is Marinna ready to embarrass me ooh boy. Better make her mad!!!! But I already got in trouble for embarrassing her. But sometimes my mom either doesn't punish her enough or my sister doesn't take it seriously!!! well I guess its time for my back up plan... dad. Although mom and sis will freak out because we have already talked about it but then again if she dis respects me one more time....then its time for the back up plan.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hardwear Jewlry

This summer I made a neckless out of a necklace chain and some wire and washers. First I found a necklace chain that was unused. then i found some washers and bound them together with wire and put it on the chain. I get tons of compliments on it all the time and people want me to make one for them.

My Clothing Style

My clothing style is how I express myself and my personality. So going to a uniform school isn't really the place for me. I only went there because of how nice the people there were/are to me. Anywho.....whenever we have dances my clothing almost always gets borrowed!!! The girls always ask for my opinion. Even my sister and my mom ask for my opinion. My mom even made me be my sisters stylist. Sometimes its fun but others not so much.

My Sister

ooohh.... why yes i have a sister and ooh boy... Sometimes she gets on my last nerve. There are probably as many good stories as bad. Once i was running down the hall she was lieing and so right as i ran past her she grabbed my ankle and i face planted. Ouch that hurt!! don't get me wrong she can be the funniest thing out there but she does make me mad. this Thursday(17th) she and her classmates are graduating elementary!! I can't believe it!!! She is growing up so fast!!! next year she will be joining me in middle school. Luckily Ill only have to suffer with her for one year.

This Is Who I Am

Hello my name is Marinna (Ma REE na). Did you know that my name means the goddess of the sea? Anywho I'm going to tell you about me:

Favorite Color: Pastel Pink

Favorite Flower: Sweet Pea

Favorite Book: Nancy Drew Series

What do you do in your past time besides blog? I love love love to sing!!!!